Hen party in Stockholm – silver jewelry – a real memory

Are you looking for a memorable and fun activity for a hen party in Stockholm?
Then we can recommend this hen party activity, where the bride will stamp/hammer/write names and/or numbers on a silver letter pendant … eg her/his name, children’s name, wedding date. The rod/pendant has four sides to stamp on and can rotate when it hangs in the silver chain.

The activity takes up to one hour
The activity costs a total of 1500 SEK and includes: silver pendant, silver chain and jewelry box. It’s just the bride who stamps, but all friends are the same room and can support the bride during work.

Send us your request – the date and time to info@trulyme.se

Quote… said about the activity for hen parties:

What a wonderful idea! I have always wanted a name necklace with my dear ones … and now it became extra special when I have done the names myself.

Louise Hammar / bride

This was fun, I do not want to stop… I want to stamp more.

Linda Olsson / bride

It can not be more unique than this … the name of my dear ones that I have stamped myself. Proud.

Anna Tärnberg / bride

Many in my friendship circle have married the last year … this is the third time I’m at Truly Me for a hen party. Highly recommend it. Personally unique and highly appreciated by the bride.

Marie Svensson / hen party coordinator

Fun that all our friends could be supportive near the bride when she did the stamping. Engaging, different and really fun activity. Now I want to do one my self ;-).

Anna Tärnberg / hen party coordinator

Hen Party Stockholm in the Truly Me’s store/showroom
Truly Me’s store/showroom is centrally located in Stockholm, close to the Hard Rock Café and the crossing Sveavägen/Odengatan, click here and you will find a map. Our address is Odengatan 36. Go from Odenplan down towards Sveavägen, cross Sveavägen and continue to Odengatan and we are on the left hand side (two blocks from Sveavägen).